SIZE: Large, with “stick” in the center (hard neck)

COLOR: Bright white skin and white or gold cloves

HEAD SHAPE: Large, flattened and regular

CLOVE SHAPE: Straight, thick and irregular diameter

NUMBER OF CLOVES PER HEAD: Between 10 and 12 cloves

SCENT: Soft and low in allicin

FLAVOR: Moderate, mild and slightly spicy. Medium flavor intensity

COLLECTION: May and June

USE: Raw, semi-dry or dry. For frying, baking and stewing

White spring garlic has a hard stem, the outer leaves of the bulb are white, as is the skin. The clove on the outside are very marked and usually have more cloves than other varieties.

It begins to be cultivated in September and the harvest is between May and June, for this reason its name coincides with spring. It is the earliest variety and most bulbs have sizes between 5 and 7 cm.

It is a garlic that is easy to adapt for cultivation, rigorous in its development and high yield per hectare.

It is the most common garlic, its mild aroma and flavor makes it very attractive to be widely traded internationally.



  • Bag / mesh 100, 200, 250, 500 and 1.000 gr.
  • 5 kg bags
  • Box 5 and 6 kg
  • Bulk

* Custom packaging for large volumes of orders.

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